Playing Online Games at the Office
Playing Online Games at the Office

Playing Online Games at the Office

Are you a gamer who enjoys playing online games in the office? If so, you’re in the right place! Many office-themed games have been developed just for your office coworkers or friends. In addition, you can play games such as Pictionary or Water Cooler Trivia to pass the time. However, you must be careful not to start a competitive streak among your colleagues. If you do, you may end up being scolded by your colleagues for taking advantage of their gaming time!

Rocket League

A recent study found that more than a third of employees engage in online video gaming at work. Not only are office games a fun way to pass the time, they can also boost teamwork. Some office games require the use of breakout rooms or decent WiFi connections. Some games require online props or background research, so you might want to set up a breakout room. According to the State of Online Gaming, 35% of employees engage in some form of online gaming at work. However, a recent Brigham Young University study found that video gaming in the office has a positive effect on workplace performance.

Water Cooler Trivia

To facilitate this virtual activity, consider using Water Cooler Trivia online games for the office. The game is available in many versions, including handwritten quizzes and weekly challenges. Participants can join in at any time of the day or week, and the questions and answers can be submitted through a thread. The quiz can be played for a set duration, and players can select the difficulty level and length. They can even be played from Slack or MS Teams.


If you’re not into board games, you can also try team-building games like Pictionary online. This team-building game helps you develop teamwork and interdependence among team members. Players are divided into teams of two, one of whom is designated as the Describer and the other as the Artist. Each team member describes an object and the artist draws it with basic geometry. The other team members take turns guessing what the completed image is and the Describer gains points for each correct guess.


The Hangman word game can be an betboo effective tool for team building. You can play it in asynchronous mode or with your colleagues online. Both versions involve guessing a word letter by letter. Some games can be played as a team while others are more challenging and require you to work together. Hangman has a dark history. In the 17th century, a prisoner facing the death penalty played the game. Teachers did not find it offensive, but were concerned about the emotional reactions it could elicit. Some people have even compared Hangman to lynching.


If you are looking for a fun board game that you can play at the office, then you will want to check out Monopoly. This game involves trading property cards and gaining monopolies by moving from one piece to the next. Monopoly is a great game to play with others because it will get you talking and adjusting quickly to the changes that occur. You can even customize your Monopoly game to fit an event that your company is hosting.